White Bird Paperwork, my Etsy Shop for handmade business cards is almost launched, it's almost launched!
I'm so excited :)))
And my new Spanish Moss kimono is with me, too ;)

Do Small Things With Great Love - Business Cards are Little Pieces of Art.

Hello, I'm Romy, a hedonistic hippy chick from Germany's middle of nowhere in love with life, the late 60s, cheesecake and my small family and my kitten Hendrix, the housecat ;). I love doing small things with great love. Just sitting on my desk in solitude - and keeping my imagination running wild. My Etsy shop White Bird Paperwork is my creative outlet: Designing little pieces of paper in a quirky, fun way, with lots of joy and happiness! 

After studying literature, linguistics and philosophy, I had a big urge to work creatively again. I'm also a freelance writer and I was looking for business cards that stand out from the crowd, that don't have that tough clean business look. I couldn't find something that was 100% me, so I designed some by myself.

Business cards don't have to be boring. They should reflect the personality of the owner and represent his or her professional field in a fun way. As a freelance writer, I wanted to express my fun, easy-going personality as well as my competence as a person who knows the right words when the client lost them! The idea for my Quirky Slogan Card series was born.

The same goes for freelance fashion designers, vintage sellers, photographers and of cause Etsy shop owners. It's nice to hand something to your clients that represents the real you - and catches attention immediately. It goes without saying that I needed some fancy cards for my own Etsy shop. 

As I work with designs, I wanted something beyond the Slogan Card series, something visual connected with my shop name and philosophy. As I do own this Asian vintage kimono and as the logo of my shop is a white origami bird, the idea for a vintage-fabric-inspired collection popped into my mind. As I'm a collector of vintage clothing, it is so much fun strolling through my personal closet, looking for fancy prints and fabrics for my Vintage Prints Card Series.

I realized that business cards can be little pieces of art! Hope you'll love them! :)


4 designs are online right now and so much more will follow! 
Find my Etsy Shop White Bird Paperwork here
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Vix said...

They look absolutely gorgeous! They are bound to be a huge success! xxx

Emalina said...

Love those business cards, you're so creative! What an exciting time for you!

Kacie Cone said...

Aw congrats! The cards look wonderful! Loving the kimono too!

Paula Ruta said...

I love your cards and your Kimono! Congrats. xoxo

Patti said...

Your cards *are* wonderful little pieces of art, Romy! Thanks for sharing them with Visible Monday.

LETICIA said...

amazing idea! creativity keeps the heart wild and happy. so cute, doll!


wardrobeexperience said...

gratulation! ein etsy shop! ich wünsch dir vom herzen alles gute und super viel erfolg!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Congratulations, Romy! Every good wish on your new business! And you look beautiful in your fabulous kimono ... I love them!

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Love that Kimono and your cards are wonderful! All the best with the new adventure. x

Emmett Katherine said...

your business cards look so you :)

best of luck with this exciting new adventure & I've saved your etsy shop under my favourites!

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

Congratulations Romy!! Such a great idea and the design is beautiful. I wish you much success and happiness. There's nothing like doing something creative that you love!!

Beata B said...

Wonderful kimono! You look lovely in the pictures, I will definitely check out your shop :)) hugs, Beata xxxx