Isnt't this Spanish Moss kimono a killer?
Ordered it straight away when they had their 35% off sale last weekend!

Will wear it at home in winter (while writing and designing from my home office), and it will be a killer with shorts in summer!

Did I mention that I will start up a second business next to my freelance writing? During the next weeks, I will open an Etsy store, selling custom designs for business cards! Other paper stuff will follow. I hate it when business cards are so serious so mine will be very eyecatching and playful, too! My shop's called White Bird Paperwork and I'm proud to open it very soon :) I miss designing and being creative so much, so this is a perfect way to step back into the field of design.

Btw.: The kimono also inspired me for my logo and cooperate design :)


Willow said...

Yup I'd wear it , has my Phoebe from Friends feel that I love so well !
Look forward to visiting your new shop.

Mary Lou said...

was für ein traumhafter Kimono!!! wie für dich gemacht und das davon inspirierte logo ist ja genial! tolle 2. businessidee!!! das wird bestimmt toll!
lg mary

ivette said...

i love everything from spanish moss vintage, and that kimono is not the exception. cool thing about your etsy, i'll check it out!

Emmett Katherine said...

I always forget about spanish moss vintage, I'm not sure why. This kimono is a good reminder to remember to check them out! I love the kimono inspired logo, it's pretty. I can't wait to see what designs you offer in your etsy shop!

Emalina said...

The kimono is stunning, I adore that oriental style, and wowee you do have exciting news! I can't wait to check out your etsy store, best of luck setting it up!