2013 really was an exciting year for me! This post is for my fave outifts and they wear a rainbow full of hippy-tastic outfits! Really found back to myself this year. I skipped wearing too dark clothes that make me unhappy (read more about it here), skipped a career that wasn't ment for me (more here), started a new one (read about my Etsy store White Bird Paperwork here) to name just three exciting things happening this year!

I also adopted a little kitten called Hendrix, went to Barcelona again (read about it here, here, here and here), we refurnished our apartment (here, here, here and here) and I got an autograph from Slash (here) and I saw Bob Dylan!

Really an amazing year! I bet 2014 will kick ass, too ;)))


Vix said...

Things can only get better! What a fab year! Enjoy your holiday! xxx

Sharon S said...

Hi my dear! You always look so effortlessly stylish whatever you wear-so many inspiring looks here! Love your Christmas pictures, I'm so pleased you had a lovely time! xxx

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

I love the recap of the year! You look beautiful and I am inspired by your achievements. It seems like you are on the road to being more "You". That's a wonderful thing and can only bring happiness.

Here's to more "you" and "me" and "us all" in the upcoming year. XXOO

sabine said...

Liebe Romy,
ich kann gar nicht sagen, welches Deiner Outfits mir am besten gefällt. Ich mag einfach Deinen Stil und die Art, wie Du ihn präsentierst.
Für das Neue Jahr wünsch ich Dir alles Gute!
LG Sabine

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

And you made our year better because of your blog! Happy New Year, Romy .... may your business prosper and your wardrobe grow as well!