Lisa Maree bottoms
By Malene Birger tunic (2013)
Karma beach shorts
Dolce Vita sandals (2011)
Lovely Bird hat
The2Bandits necklace
Elizabeth&James sunies

loads of bindis ;)

Two days ago, we did a little road trip and went to a lake that has been layer out on the district of a former surface mining district. We enjoyed it so much as it really felt we were on vacation! I decided to spoil the hippie beach girl look and chose a white crochet bikini top and blue crochet bikini bottoms as well as loads of bindis! As the last pic proofs, they made a good job and stayed in place although I swam a lot!

Nothing is nicer to spend a day in the sun with the man you love! :))) Even after 12 years we are so happy together and I do have the feeling it will last another 12 years and even longer! We planned our trip to the U.S. next May and enjoyed home-made ice tea and organic chicken wraps.

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Adini vintage dress from the late 60s (via Etsy)
Urban Outfitters Fedora (from San Francisco 2012)
Wildfox Winona sunnies
Spell Designs Woodstock vest
The2Bandits jewelry

For the Robert Plant concert last night, I had to wear something special and something authentic hippie. What could be a better match than my Adini vintage dress I bought in January this year? Paired with my Spell waistcoat and a bid of outfit inspiration by my blogging buddy Mary Lou Cinnamon I was brave enough to pair both hippie classics - and top it with some bindis and a floppy hat!

This was nearly the first time I was nervous wearing a look like this as the city were the concert took place is very conservative. Well, the crowd was a mix of "we-are-cool-rockers-and-we-don't-show-any-emotion" and people who expected Robert to play a best of Led Zep songs. I actually love his new songs and I really appreciated the fact that he played half of the time Led Zeppelin classics like Going to California, Communication Breakdown, Blag Dog and Whole Lotta Love. OMG, how can't you be excited about that?!

Well, apart from Robert, there luckily were some old hippie guys in the audience. A girl called me a "real hippie woman with a fantastic outfit" so it was a wonderful evening!



Really, the White Dunes Gypsy Hues lookbook by Spell Designs is perfection. Nothing to add. During the next months, I do have a strict plan when to buy which item. Well, the Fleetwood blouse was unplanned, but after I had to return something else that didn't work for me I decided to order this beauty. I love the lace Spell Designs used for the collection. Its soft and high quality. The fringed detail at the back is striking and really iconic. I think this blouse is truly special and also amazing for wearing it as a jacket with a shirt underneath and some slouchy printed pants.

After buying the Fleetwood maxi dress for my renewal of vows in Vegas next year, I really got hitched by this collection! And it encourages me quite a bid that Spell featured my pic wearing the Fleetwood maxi here on instagram ;)

I bet the blouse is equally beautiful and it helps me to bridge the time until I'm allowed to wear my Fleetwood maxi :)



Lovely Bird San Miguel hat
Spell Designs Woodstock waistcoat
Spell Designs Desert Wanderer tee
Isabel Marant pants (2013)
Sam Edelman boots (2013)
The2Bandits jewelry
Antik Batik bag

This is a very relaxed look that I actually love to wear. The pants are super comfy and so is the tee by Spell Designs. I think the waistcoat and the hat really add that hippie vibe to the whole look. Nothing is more relaxing than put on some nice tunes (Slash!) and shoot some outfit pics during my lunch break.

I guess my tone-it-down-days are definitely over when it comes to style ;)))



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Me in 2011 wearing Topshop USA flag stars & stripes shorts
during a vacation in Barcelona

The biggest mistake you can make is to sell something on ebay that actually is a keeper. Well, this pair of Topshop shorts is one of them. Unfortunately, I sold them and than regretted it. After living two years without these fab shorts, it was time to get them back.

Luckily, we got some tixx for Slash in November, and I will definitely wear these shorts with a Guns N'Roses tee. In 2012 when I saw Slash as a solo artist for the first time, I did have the plan to wear them but I already had sold them. 

Well, no there is my chance for a fab Americana outfit while listening to fab L.A. based music! ;)))