Rice N'Peas

***I decided launching a new regular series called Bohemian Life as my life is not about fashion only. I'm a passionate cook and want to share some receipts with you. I do cook all my meals freshly and I'm not a fan of convenience food. In the beginning of 2014, I changed my way to cook and eat and feel much healthier now. Also, cooking is really a good way to calm down and forget the stress of work. Beside cooking, this section is for family life, too!***

Vegetarian curry and jasmine rice with chick peas and coconut milk was out meal today! This dish is super delicious and easy. Here we go:

Rice | 200g jasmine rice | 100g chick peas | 1 bunch of parsley | 200g coconut raspers
1 cup of coconut milk | 1 tablespoon of salt

Jasmine Rice

Rice: Take a pot and add rice, chick peas and parsley, coconut raspers and a tablespoon of salt. Add as much water that it covers the rice. Cock it until the water boils out and add the coconut milk. 

Vegetarian Curry

Vegetarian Curry:
1 zuchini | 1 eggplant | 4 bell peppers | 1 onion | 3 garlic gloves | 4 carrots
50g of ginger | 1 chili pepper | 1 tablespoon of garam-masala
1 tablespoon of paprika | 1 tablespoon curcuma | 0,5 tablespoon cumin 
0,5 tablespoon of cinnamon | 1 cup of coconut milk | 
salt and pepper | 1 bunch of cilantro |1 tablespoon of olive oil
600ml broth

Curry: Cut the vegetables as you wish - slice the carrots. Roast gently the garlic and add ginger, chili and onions. Also add the spices. Roast a few seconds and add 300ml of the broth. Boil it and add the carrots. Add another 300ml broth and boil it again. After that, add the remaining vegetables, stir everything and stew it. Add the coconut milk and boil it once. Stew it for another 10-15 minutes. Add the cilantro.

Do you have any receipts to share?



Nicole Richie kimono Frankie print

New in: Winter Kate Jasmine kimono with Frankie print (via Ebay)

After registering an account on Lookbook.nu, I re-discovered my love for Nicole Richie's Winter Kate label. Unfortunately, the label not longer exists, but I still love the boho vibe of the brand. The fact that they only use fabrics from high quality (like silk, viscose and cotton) makes the brand even more attractive to me. Well, I do have a crush on kimonos. A post ago, I couldn't make up my mind if I should buy the Spell Designs Gypsy queen kimono or not. As I proceeded to order it, I went to ebay and searched for the Frankie kimono with that fab feather print. And: I was successful! New with tags and in my size!

I guess the Spell kimono has to wait for another month!

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Spell & The Gypsy Collective
White Dunes Gypsy Hues

New in *soon* ///
Gypsy Queen Tassel kimono
Gypsy Queen romper

I can't decide which one of these two beauties to buy first... The kimono by Spell Designs is definitely the one that I prefer more. It reminds me of a vintage kimono I didn't get my hands on while placing bids like a mad on ebay. And I do worry that next month, the kimono could be sold out...

The romper, on the other hand, is perfect for August and could be with me next week. Love the colors and it would be a perfect match with my L.A. vintage tooled back. Actually, the golden back detail is inspired by an old leather good the father of the two genius sisters behind Spell Designs used when he worked as a leather crafter.

Which one would you buy first? Like all of us, I have to act budget-wise and can't afford both on the same time. Saving for the US trip is my first priority right now.



Wearing ///
Lisa Maree bottoms
By Malene Birger tunic (2013)
Karma beach shorts
Dolce Vita sandals (2011)
Lovely Bird hat

Two days ago, we did a little road trip and went to a lake that has been layer out on the district of a former surface mining district. We enjoyed it so much as it really felt we were on vacation! I decided to spoil the hippie beach girl look and chose a white crochet bikini top and blue crochet bikini bottoms as well as loads of bindis! As the last pic proofs, they made a good job and stayed in place although I swam a lot!

Nothing is nicer to spend a day in the sun with the man you love! :))) Even after 12 years we are so happy together and I do have the feeling it will last another 12 years and even longer! We planned our trip to the U.S. next May and enjoyed home-made ice tea and organic chicken wraps.

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Wearing ///
Adini vintage dress from the late 60s (via Etsy)
Urban Outfitters Fedora (from San Francisco 2012)
Wildfox Winona sunnies
Spell Designs Woodstock vest
The2Bandits jewelry

For the Robert Plant concert last night, I had to wear something special and something authentic hippie. What could be a better match than my Adini vintage dress I bought in January this year? Paired with my Spell waistcoat and a bid of outfit inspiration by my blogging buddy Mary Lou Cinnamon I was brave enough to pair both hippie classics - and top it with some bindis and a floppy hat!

This was nearly the first time I was nervous wearing a look like this as the city were the concert took place is very conservative. Well, the crowd was a mix of "we-are-cool-rockers-and-we-don't-show-any-emotion" and people who expected Robert to play a best of Led Zep songs. I actually love his new songs and I really appreciated the fact that he played half of the time Led Zeppelin classics like Going to California, Communication Breakdown, Blag Dog and Whole Lotta Love. OMG, how can't you be excited about that?!

Well, apart from Robert, there luckily were some old hippie guys in the audience. A girl called me a "real hippie woman with a fantastic outfit" so it was a wonderful evening!